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I am Pranav. I work on ERP and always prefer to look and share for domain knowledge.

Worked on different ERP solutions for over 6 years and i really like NAV and AX. NAV of-course for it’s user friendliness and AX for it’s robustness.

I look mainly after Financial module and project accounting. Here i will be sharing some of the important concepts of AX which is important for every DAX consultants.

I remember when i started my career, very few knew about AX but now things has changed and AX stands as premier ERP solution from Miscrosoft.

Making successful Go-Live is my aim when working on projects. So if you have any queries related to financial you can post here.



  1. Jacks says:

    are you able to do a bit of freelancing consultation for us?

  2. harsha says:

    Hi Pranav,

    I want to check if my Sub ledgers are in balance with my General Ledgers, so where should i go and check , can you give me the navigation and steps.


    • Pranav's says:

      Hi Harsha,

      You can check that in ledger transaction itself. Batch transfer depends on the GL Parameter setup where we can define it to be either synchronous or asynchronous. If you have selected synchronous, then sub-ledger entries are create same time only, otherwise you will need to update it by running the batchjob available in GL Periodic.

  3. harsha says:

    Hi pranav,

    I got his report form GL->Reports-> Reconcilliation -> customer, this reports show the difference between Customer Balance and Ledger Balance, can you tell me what to do next when you see differences.

  4. Teresa says:

    Hi Pranav,

    I’m tyring to setup a Direct Debit Method of payments for our Customer but I can’t make it to work to create a flat file. I’ve setup the Method of payment as DD but its not reading my UK bank account. Can you advice as to what I’m doing wrong please. Many thanks in advance.

  5. J Siva Sudheer says:

    Hi Pranav,

    This is sudheer from bangalore i am looking to do Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 financial module, how is the job market presently in india.

    can u plz suggest any better institute in bangalore or any real time experience person in bangalore.

    With Regards
    J Siva Sudheer

    • Pranav's says:

      Hi Siva,

      As per my view, AX market is good and is emerging. Financial module architecture is considerably changed with the release of AX 2012.
      For the training institutes, i am not sure about them. You can google them. I know about SAG, you can find about them.


  6. Ranjan says:

    Hi Pranav,

    Could you please share me(rajranjan.ranjan@gmail.com) the steps how to instrall the Management Reporter in AX 2012R2.


  7. Sandeep Kumar HB says:

    Hi Pranav,

    I’m getting the following error message when trying to do a manual journal entry:

    “Transaction 2014-GJV-00010 exceeds the budget funds available for dimension value 545000- by 400.00 QAR.”

    I have setup the budgeting for 510115 (and not for 545000). When I do a journal entry with 510115, the budget check is happening correctly.

    And when I do journal entry for other accounts, the budget check should not happen because I have not defined any budget amounts for them. But, here, the budget check is happening for all of the P&L accounts and I get the above error message. For example, if I give 1000, the system says it is exceeding by 1000 and if I give 5000, the system says it is exceeding the budget amounts by 5000.
    Please help.


    • Pranav's says:

      Hi Sandeep, The budget control configuration needs to be checked here. I guess you have selected budget control dimension as main account.If this is so, can you remove that man account and in select main accounts section of parameter, select the required ledger a/c which is 510115. I am not 100% sure if this will work but definitely something is not setup correctly in these two sections. If error still comes, can you give some more details about configuration.


  8. Anju Sebastian says:

    Hi Pranav,

    I read your post related to “Opening Balance Migration in Dynamics AX” . I should say that its brilliant article for new one’s in AX .

    Currently I am leading a finance data migration work but new to AX finance module . Data Migration scope includes Open invoices ( Debit Memo , Credit Memo & Invoices ) , Open Payments ( Unapplied Payments) and GL balances / Opening balances .

    Understood from your article on how to migrate opening balances using offset suspend account ( summary account)

    I would like to have some clarifications on the below ;

    1) How do I migrate the open transactions / Payments , Is it using general journals ?
    2) Should setup a new DR / CR offset accounts or use the accounts from legacy?

    Thanks & Regards

    • Pranav's says:

      Hi Anju,

      Thanks for your comments. I will try to answer your queries:
      1. There is no restriction on journals, you can use general journal also. But i will suggest you to use AP Invoice jounral for open AP transactions and post each individual invoice/memos rather than consolidated entry per vendor.
      2. The account selection depends. If the ledger balance is already there in system, then use offset account as control account. For example if 100200 is AP control account and 100200 already has ledger balance then post AP transactions with offset to 100200. This way ledger balance will be intact and vendor transactions will be updated.


  9. Gokul Nair says:

    Hi Pranav,

    I only have 2 months in Ax 2012 Finance Module. I am working on a Fixed Asset Task. Here i have to convert Depreciation profile to Straight Line. I have done all basic setups Like..

    1, Created a Depreciation Profile and Selected Straight Line Service Life
    2, Created Value Model for different Asset Groups and Added Straight Line Service Life in Depreciation Profile and Leave net value = 10 (salvage value as per company)
    3, I created Asset and assign to the Groups according to the nature.
    4, I created COA for FA, Depreciation and Accumulated depreciation for different Groups.
    5, I added the remaining service life in FA> FA> Value Model.
    6, I created Positing Profile and added line for different Asset Groups and Add COA in “main Account”. and assigned posting profiles in Parameters.
    7, I created two Journal Name For FA journal for Acquisition and Depreciation.
    8, I acquired assets for those by FA > Journal > Fixed Asset Journal > Selected ” FA_Acquisition” >Starting date of depreciation > Selected the Account and Value Model accordingly > added amount in “Debit side” > Selected Offset Account type as Offset column” Ledger” > Selected ” Error account ” in Offset account > Validated > Posted.
    9, I tried to post depreication for those Assets by Fixed Asset Journal > Selected ” FA_Depreciation” > End date of depreciation > Selected the Account and Value Model accordingly > Proposal > Depreciation Proposal > I gave end date > Selected Offset Account type as Offset column” Ledger” > Selected ” Depreciation COA” in Offset account those assets accordingly.

    As if now it is not calculation the Depreciation Amount Automatically. :(. Hope you will help me out to solve this task.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Gokul Nair

    • Pranav's says:

      Hi Gokul,

      Sorry for being so late. I am not sure whether you got solution to the query on time or not.

      However, for FA depreciation proposal, the depreciation should be checked in FA value model and acquisition date and price must be populated in value model. Based on acquisition date and last depreciation run, system will propose the depreciation. Make sure this data is there on value model and i hope FA depreciation will be posted.


    • kamal says:

      What offset account is selected for tax value model

      • Pranav's says:

        Hi Kamal;

        Can you give some more detail here on offset account.

        The tax layer works in AX same as Operational layer. The layer helps on managing books from reporting perspective.


  10. Gokul Nair says:

    Hi Pranav,

    I only have 2 months in Ax 2012 Financial Module.. I got a task in Fixed Asset Module to change the Depreciation Profile to Straight Line Method. I hope i have did all the basic setting for this like…

    1, Created a Depreciation Profile and selected depreciation Method as “Straight Line Service Life”
    2, Created Value Models for different FA groups and added “Straight Line Method”
    3, Created FA Groups
    4, Created various Assets and added Groups based on the nature of asset
    5, Created COA for Asset a/c (COA/BL), Depreciation ( COA/P&L)
    and Accumulated Depreciation Accumulated Depreciation (COA/BL) separately for different Asset Groups
    6, Created Posting Profile for various Asset Groups like.
    Acquisition : Main account = Asset a/c (COA/BL)
    Depreciation : Main account = Accumulated Depreciation (COA/BL), Offset account = Depreciation a/c( COA/P&L)
    7, FA > FA> Value Model, I added the End date, Service Life and Service Life remaining.
    8, I acquired the asset,
    FA> Journal > Fixed Asset Journal > Starting Date > Selected item> Value model and Cost in Debit side> Selected Error account as Offset Account > Post
    9, I tried to do depreciation,
    FA> Journal > Fixed Asset Journal > End date for depreciation > Selected item> Value model > Proposal > Depreciation Proposal > I selected end date > Selected Error account as Offset Account..

    But the depreciation is not calculating..

    I just described to clear what i did and hope u will guide me what i should do..

    Thank alot,


  11. Ellie Goranova says:

    I came across your posts number of times and always learn something out of them 🙂
    I am trying to get my hands on as much detailed information as possible on Indian excise setup and functionality description. So I figured I will ask you directly – I would very much appreciate it if you can send me some info (if you can’t access my e-mail from the log in session bellow – let me know and I will send it to you). Thank you in advance.

  12. Pawan V says:

    While running inventory recalculation transfer orders are getting adjusted and posting to the ledgers is it right??

    • Pranav's says:

      Hi Pawan;

      One question here, is the TO between 2 sites? or stock transfer which posts ledger entry.

      Anyway, recalculation will simply match the issues with the cost as per item model group and if TO posting created ledger entries, then posting to ledger is normal.


  13. can we entered negative values eg:-1000 in vendor invoice journal

    • Pranav's says:

      Hi Satya,

      Yes negative amount can be entered on vendor payment journal or any other journal. Just to give some more info, negative amount on debit side is as good as credit amount and vice versa.

      Also, keep in mind that the same amount (with sign) may appear in reports also, so check with client also if they are OK with that.


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